Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017)

Golden Jubilee Concluding Celebrations

Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017)
15 - 17th February, 2018

Theme: "Integrating Pharmacology with Modern Healthcare"

Prizes & Orations

50th Golden Jubilee Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society IPSCON-2017/18

Orations & Prizes of IPS for the Current year – 2017/18


The following orations and prizes will be awarded at 50th Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society.

Sr. No. Title /About Oration Eligibility
1. Col. Ram Nath Chopra Eminent pharmacologist
2. Prof. G. Achari Eminent pharmacologist
3. Prof. B. N. Ghosh Eminent pharmacologist
4. Prof. N. S. Dhalla award Eminent Cardio-Pharmacologist or from related area
Fellow of Indian Pharmacological Society (FIPS) – Eminent pharmacologist
Submit the Nominations in prescribed Applications format available on Website: by 31st December, 2017 to General Secretary with information to Organizing Secretary & President.

Download Application Form IPS-05


Sr. No.Name of the PrizeEssential Requirements
1.B. UvnasBest paper published in the field of Autacoids and Biogenic amines for the Work carried out in Indian Laboratory by member of the society.
2.P.P. Suryakumari Best paper published in the field of Diabetes and other metabolic disorders by Indian author is last 5 years.
3.Jaipur / N.N. DattaBest paper published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology (I.J.P) in odd years (2009,2011…2015) Jaipur prize even year (2008, 2010,….. 2014) – NN Datta.
4.Saroj – V.N SharmaBest paper published in National or International journal in last 3 years on any aspect of Cardiovascular pharmacology the work is to carried out in Indian laboratory.
5.Dr Hardyal Singh AwardYoung Pharmacologist (below 40 yrs. to Member of IPS) for the Best Publication in the field of Anti-Inflammatory Pharmacology’ in any pub-med indexed Indian Journal of 2016 / 2017
Prizes for Best Presentations in various subjects at Annual Meet
6.AchariAge limit below 35 years on the date of presentation
7.UK SethWork in clinical Pharmacology carried out in India.
8.Gufic PrizeWork in Indigenous medicines in India
9.OD GulatiWork is in field of Cardiovascular, Autacoids and autonomic pharmacology
10.Prof. Manjeet SinghWork in the field of Molecular Pharmacology
11.PC Dandiya Prize Best Poster Presentation in Annual Conference
Submit the applications as per the Guidelines for Prizes Website: (Bye-Laws Item No. 4.1.2 on Pg. 21/30) by 31st December, 2017 to General Secretary with copy to Organizing Secretary
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