Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017)

Golden Jubilee Concluding Celebrations

Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017)
15 - 17th February, 2018

Theme: "Integrating Pharmacology with Modern Healthcare"

“Molecular and Cellular Techniques for Pharmacology research” Program

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Seminar Hall, Ground Floor, NIRRH, Parel, Mumbai

09:30 Hrs - Inauguration and Introduction of Participants

10:00 Hrs - An Overview of Genetic Toxicology
Dr GB Maru, ACTREC, Navi Mumbai

11:00 Hrs - Tea Break

11:30 Hrs - Principles of Genetic Toxicology Assays
Dr Vikas Dighe, NIRRH and Team

12:15 Hrs - Basics of Flowcytometry and Lymphocytes Phenotyping
Dr Vainav Patel, NIRRH

13:00 Hrs - Lunch break


Participants will be divided into two groups of 15 Participants per group.

14:00: Hrs - Group I: Genotoxicity assays
(in Toxicology lab, third floor)

Animal experimentation (handling, dosing, dissection, isolation of bone marrow cells)
Micronucleus assay
Chromosomal aberration assay
AMES assay

14:00 Hrs Group II: Practicals of Immunopharmacology
(in Innate Immunity, first floor and HIV lab, ground floor)

Human PBMC isolation
Flowcytometric phenotyping of CD4-T lymphocytes
Quantitation of transcripts by Real time RT-PCR

15:30 Hrs Group II: Genotoxicity assays
Group I: Practicals of Immunopharmacology