Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017) - Program Report

Golden Jubilee Concluding Celebrations

Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON - 2017)
15 - 17th February, 2018

Theme: "Integrating Pharmacology with Modern Healthcare"

Program Report - 2017

Golden Jubilee Concluding Celebrations of Indian Pharmacological Society and Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society (IPSCON – 2017) was organised in collaboration with NMIMS Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management (SPPSPTM), in Mumbai on 15-17 February, 2018. The theme of the conference was “Integrating Pharmacology with Modern Healthcare”. The three-day conference was enriched with various scientific sessions that extensively covered vital current issues.

Chief Guest of the ceremony Padmashri Dr. Shashank Joshi, Endocrinologist stressed that modern research should be integrated with traditional system of medicine. While lauding the efforts of Japanese, Chinese and Korean researchers, Dr Joshi directed a question to the audience asking “why can’t we (Indians) have largest research output?”

Dr. Joshi made a special mention of NMIMS while congratulating the University on winning two global patents. He also appreciated the organisers as the conference saw large number of participants in his keynote address.

Chairman of IPSCON 2017 Local Organizing Committee, Dr. R. S. Gaud, Director, NMIMS Mukesh Patel Technology Park, Shirpur & SVKM’s Pharma Institutions, while welcoming the delegates and dignitaries, presented an overview of NMIMS as an educational institution. He stressed on the need for introduction of more paramedical courses and more jobs in pharmacovigilance.

Dr. Addepalli, Organizing secretary-IPSCON 2017, while presenting an overview of IPSCON-17 emphasized on the fact that health is major concern to mankind. “While quality of healthcare systems is increasing in our country, we are still lagging behind in tackling lifestyle diseases, which pose major challenges to human quality of life. This conference is proof of SVKM’s NMIMS commitment of national health care,” he added.

Dr. Bhagirath Patel, General Secretary Indian Pharmacological Society, expressed gratitude towards foreign dignitaries and IUPHAR (the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification) members Dr. H. S. Buttar, Dr. Masamitsu Iino, Dr. Lindsay Brown, Dr. Alessandro Mugelli, Dr. Eeva Moilanen, Dr. Pasquale Maffia, Dr. Roby Thomas, Prof. Graeme Henderson, Dr. Michael for participating in the conference. He sought support of youngsters to make it a great success.

Guest of Honor Dr. Jayant Gandhi, Hon. Jt. Secretary SVKM and Mentor SPPSPTM, SVKM’s NMIMS congratulated Dr. Joshi on his achievements and stressed on the importance of conference theme which is ‘rational use of drugs’.

Guest of Honor Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor -NMIMS, while offering a holistic view of the current health scenario of Indians said that though India is a youngest nation, there is growing segment of senior citizens and that the problems of aging population should be well addressed.

While drawing attention to the lifestyle diseases which have been a major challenge, Dr. Saxena stated it has opened major opportunities in several sectors.

“Sedentary lifestyle and increasing stress levels are taking a toll on young population in this country,” he added.

Dr. Saxena while explaining importance of greater innovations on continuous basis, said affordable innovations are critical.

Dr. Graeme Henderson, Member of International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) while addressing the conference acknowledged the great strength of Indian Pharmacology.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar, President, Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS) in his presidential speech gave an overview of IPS journey which has grown into a big organisation in the last fifty years. He said that the goal of society is that affordable and quality medicines should reach the common man.

While informing about the World Conference he said that “India has potential drugs discovery group which is very strong in traditional system of medicine.”

Past Presidents, General Secretaries, Treasurers, Chief Editors and RC-Organizing Secretaries of IPS were honoured on the occasion by the Chief Guest and Guests of Honour.

Convener of IPSCON 2017 Dr. Bala Prabhakar, Dean SPPSPTM proposed vote of thanks.